Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Caspian Run (cont'd)

Chapter 3
Is It True?

“MY sisters washed away in a flood when I was 1 year old!”They all explained, well expect for Blue Paw.
“Do you think….”Started Silver Paw.“We’re sisters. Maybe,” Salmon Paw finished. Silver Paw knew she had 2 sisters. They were very much the same as these 2. “Hello, I still exist,” Blue Paw reminded them, why don’t we stick together then we’ll find out.”

Chapter 4
So Whats the Plan?

Well they did stick together. Also Blue Paw was right. The 3 tigers were siblings. But it still wasn’t finished when it was about the journey. Or how Blue Paw got there. Snow leopards aren’t native to the jungles of Asia. I don’t think.
“How do we save our races?”asked Blue Paw. Then Silver Paw replied, “I don’t know. Fighting humans would make them think we have to go.” Well it’s true fighting wasn’t an option.
“I heard humans like cute animals. Therefore saving them when endangered. Maybe if we make tigers seem cute the humans will save us,” suggested Dragon Paw.
“No, if we did that, other tigers wouldn’t know. They would still do what they do,” said Silver Paw. Hmmmm………….

Chapter 5
The Hunting

“I’m starved,” Dragon Paw complained. “So am I,” Salmon Paw agreed. “Can’t be more hungry, ”Blue Paw chimed in. “Let’s go hunting .Sleeping prey is easier to catch then live prey,” Silver paw suggested. “Sounds good,” the others replied.
They went out. They got a drink. And they looked for sleeping prey. “I see a deer,” Blue Paw told the others. “How big?” Salmon Paw asked. “Huge,” Blue Paw replied. “Cool,” Dragon Paw said excitedly, “Where?” “I see it, follow me,” Silver Paw told her. “Wait I see something,” Blue Paw told them.

Chapter 6
The Hunter

“What? Blue Paw what is it?” Silver Paw asked. Blue Paw suddenly shuddered.
“Mother! Mother!” Blue Paw whispered. For what was only a couple yards away was the same hunter that had killed her mother.
“What?” Salmon Paw was confused.
“That’s the hunter who killed my mother!” Blue Paw screeched. The hunter turned around and came closer to the bush they were in.
“Oh,no!” The big cats backed off. But it was too late. The hunter fired his gun. The bullet just barely missed Blue Paw.
“I thought I killed you!” The hunter rasped.
“Run!” Silver Paw commanded. The group ran toward the makeshift den they had made.
They only got in the den right before another gunshot.

To be continued…

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Dear people,

I have news. Today I got on Pepperminthead’s back. That’s normal. But then she started playing Wii fit! Now, I was still on her back. She played one game where she was dressed in a chicken suit. And guess what! She got best score she had ever gotten with me on her back!