Sunday, June 14, 2009

Caspian Run--Chapter Two

“SilverPaw did you hear that noise?”BluePaw asked.

“No,”SilverPaw replied. Then a rustling noise went on.
“I heard that though,”SilverPaw said. Then 2 Caspian tiger cubs the that looked like they were the same age as SilverPaw came out of a bush.

“Oh,hi,”said 1 of the 2 tigers, “I’m SalmonPaw,and this is my sister DragonPaw”she introduced herself and her sister. “Who are you?”

“I’m SilverPaw,and I had 2 sisters named SalmonPaw and DragonPaw with the same birthmark as me in shape of a wolf on our paws exept DragonPaw who had a dragon shape 1,”SilverPaw said quickly.

“I have that very same Birthmark!” SalmonPaw and DragonPaw screeched at the same time.

Also to be continued…